Quality wine accessories help us to understand wine better and enhance the pleasure of drinking.
Our mission is to encourage the development of the wine industry and wine culture by expanding the potential of the
wine market in Japan and to make the wine scene far more approachable.
Our quest is to find new products that continuously provide our clients new ideas, representing the possibilities for
growth in many directions as opportunities arise.



The wine market in Japan is still developing, and has a great potentiality to grow more. People enjoy wine more often appreciate its quality. This change encourages wine importer and winemakers to offer even better, wider range of products.

Established in Osaka in 1988, GLOBAL CO.,LTD. has been a market-leading & exclusive importer and a nation-wide wholesaler of wine cellars, wine glasses and wine accessories in this fast-moving market, the centre of trends and creativity. Our sophisticated clients, such as international hotel chains, Michelin guide listed restaurants, department stores, wine importers, wine shops, etc. are always seeking the new trends in best qualities & conditions.

Although the main structure of our business is importing/wholeselling of the above best quality accessories, we also import great wines from the world, to the rapidly growing market.

For big parties or wine tasting events, we offer glassware and accessories rental services with reasonable price, let alone great qualities.

Every year we release our catalogue that is sent out to over 27,000 cooperate clients through the country. It contents the newest trends of the wine cellars, glassware, accessories, tableware and kitchen tools that we carefully select from all over the world. Now it is also available on internet. Our renewed website enables our existing & new clients to enjoy browsing and shopping our great range of products as well as the latest information of the wine industry. (At the moment it is available in Japanese only).



original distributor

Wine cellar,Wine server

We have a quite wide range of variation of wine cellar, like from 12 bottles model to model for more than 160 bottles. The funVino wine cellar, which is one of the most popular brand in Japan, is used by more than 35,000 locations, from ordinary homes to famous hotels and restaurants. Since we have been handling wine cellars more than 20 years in Japan, we know demands of the market very deeply. And then, we are suggesting suitable products and its improvement based on those knowledges.

Wine accessories

We are wholesaling wine openers, wine bags, stopper, etc to department stores, supermarkets, wine shops, etc.
Package and presentation of product is as important as its quality in Japan. The design, which is modern, cute and sophisticated, offers our retail buyers to create fun, attractive and well balanced floor spaces.

Riedel restaurant series
Sole importer and distributor

This is the limited series only for hotels and restaurants by Riedel, which is one of the highest brand of wine glass in the world.
Global is handling Riedel Restaurant series exclusively as sole importer and distributor.


Sole importer and distributor
  • Chambrair
  • Laguiole en aubrac
  • Private preserve
  • Platine

importer and distributor

  • Riedel
  • Spiegelau
  • Zwiesel Kristallglas
  • RONA




Every year we present the two biggest wine tasting events in the country, WINE TOKYO in spring and WINE KANSAI in autumn, with great support and cooperation from wine/liquor industrial associations and organizations, as well as government organizations of wine producing countries.

These events are open to cooperate/commercial clients only, sommeliers, chefs, liquor shops and the other wine professionals who are eager to know the new trend of wine.

In each event we invite 80-100 wine importers, region winemakers seeking new business opportunities, who proudly present their very best ranges of products. The number of the visitors is increasing every year, in 2019 we welcomed approximate 1000 visitors in Tokyo.


We often work closely together with the world finest glassmaker Riedel, and provide educational opportunities for our wine professional clients.

The Glass Tasting Seminar byMr.Maximilian Riedel himself, the 11th generation of Riedel group is the one of the most popular events. Auditors compare various wines in different Riedel glassware as Mr.Maximilian Riedel instructs, and experience Riedel’s unique philosophy of glassware creation.

It always fascinates auditors how wine can reveal its characters most effectively with their beautiful glassware, which are actually designed to be functional according to different wine characters, and they discover a new pleasure to select glassware to enjoy wine even better.