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Anual Wine Tasting Events

Every year we present the two biggest wine tasting events in the country, WINE TOKYO in spring and WINE KANSAI in autumn, with great support and cooperation from wine/liquor industrial associations and organizations, as well as government organizations of wine producing countries.

These events are open to cooperate/commercial clients only, sommeliers, chefs, liquor shops and the other wine professionals who are eager to know the new trend of wine.

In each event we invite around 65-80 wine importers, region winemakers seeking new business opportunities, who proudly present their very best ranges of products. The number of the visitors is increasing every year, in 2008 we welcomed approximate 2000 visitors in Tokyo.

Workshops with Ridel

We often work closely together with the world finest glassmaker Riedel, and provide educational opportunities for our wine professional clients.

The Glass Tasting Seminar by Mr. Georg Riedel himself, the 10th generation of Riedel group is the one of the most popular events. Auditors compare various wines in different Riedel glassware as Mr. Georg Riedel instructs, and experience Riedel’s unique philosophy of glassware creation.

It always fascinates auditors how wine can reveal its characters most effectively with their beautiful glassware, which are actually designed to be functional according to different wine characters, and they discover a new pleasure to select glassware to enjoy wine even better.