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Wine Label Collector

When you open great wines, memorial vintage wines, or even just chance to meet unexpected good wines at the daily dinner table, you should be urged to keep those labels by yourself. But those who ever tried to remove them from bottles know that it's really not so easy task.

Our original "Wine Label Collector" will help you to get your wine labels perfectly and reserve them with your tasting note together.

Patented, high-quality, made- in-Japan label remover will not let you miss your precious memory.

Easy to use:
Simply pull up a clear sticker from a mount and cover label on a wine bottle with it. Rub the sticker well and just peal it off again from a bottle. Label will come off together with the sticker automatically. Put the sticker back on the mount again, which you can take tasting notes on the back side. Besides, renewaled one has two holes so that you can just put it in binder type wine label album.

At the bottom of the back side of mount, you can print your information as you like, such as company logo, address, phone/fax number, and business hours and make it your original!!

If you work for restaurant, you can use this label remover for your customer to give it as a memorial souvenir. This service is actuallly adapted by luxurious hotels and restaurants and receives good reputation.

It can be good advertise at the same time with your company/restaurant information.